Territory of Glacia

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Territory of Glacia

Basic Information

Territory Ruler

Astrid Engström

Capital City




RL Reference


Natural Resources

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Major Exports

Major Imports

Caste Breakdown

Blood Population


Landen Population












Warlord Princes


Black Widow


Dark Jeweled

10% of the Jeweled Population



Light Jeweled

90% of the Jeweled Population

Duel Caste Females

Duel casting with Priestess is pretty common in Glacia.

Average Appearance


Blue, Green




Standard Range




The members of this race have hair that is light in color, usually blonde, white, or very light brown, and eyes that are blue or green. Their skin tone tends to be on the lighter side as well. The thing to note about this race is that because they come from a frigid climate, they are best suited to the cold and do not do well in overly hot territories.

The height of Glacians varies wildly, as does the frame.  The race is built to be sturdy and strong, designed for hard work and surviving hard winters.  However, it has also bred some tall and broad warriors.  Weight can range anywhere from thin to heavy, as in some areas food is very difficult to come by - while in other locations, food rich in fats is the most easily accessible.


Glacians cut through a swath of trees and through shear hard work created a livable place in what was once an unknown, untouched wilderness in the north of Kaeleer. It started out with a few small isolated cities scattered among the imposing forests that blanketed the land. But soon, many followers of Mother Night laid the foundation for the future culture of the growing territory, they grew and they connected.

A few scattered cities melded into whole communities almost tripling their populations. Small towns began to defer to their larger cities and a hierarchy began. The Territory grew slowly but surely. Much like New England, Glacia did not have other territories clawing at its boarders waiting for a weakness to show. Glacia might have been beautiful, but it appeared as nothing more than a cold wasteland to the other more metropolitan Territories within Kaeleer.

Clans make up the family structure in this frigid territory.  Throughout Glacia, there can be communities found that are entirely composed of a single family or those whom are considered under that family's protection.  They care for their own land and their own people, living for the most part self-independently.  The Province and District Ruling positions are held by the strongest clan leaders in that area.  Clan warfare is common, especially during times of hardship.

Simplicity is the key in most areas of life. Soups, cheeses, and bread are the main staples of food within Glacia. Fish is in high demand because it is hard to obtain through the ice, so it is often cooked with care and spread out through many different meals. Meat is in abundance, but it is usually eaten when mixed with other plain spices and vegetables.

Women are expected to birth many children; bastards born to women out of wedlock are accepted by the woman's family, whether the father or husband likes it or not.  Matrimonial descent is what matters most in Glacia; therefore as long as the mother can be proven - and that part is quite easy if the Healer is paying attention - the child is accepted.

Priestesses in Glacia are known for their incredible oral knowledge of the Territories history and stemming from that Glacian's have inherited the unique ability of weaving stories together. It is a practice that many parents pass down to their children. Gradually over the years the tales were written down and eventually passed throughout the Territory or sold for quite a lot of marks in other Territories.

Social Class Structure

There is little regard for class structure in Glacia.  There is more emphasis put upon strength and familial clan connections than on wealth or aristo breeding.  Slaves are an unknown commodity within Glacia, although prisoners are sometimes exported.  Rarely do Glacians even have servants.  Hard work is a necessity to life and each and every Glacian has rough hands to prove it.  The strong will survive and the strong will rule. 

Those who cling to traditional Glacian ways will have surnames based on the clan system. Many families have taken the Clan as their last name. However, this is not necessary and Glacians without this structure to their name will not be considered odd or different.

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Important People in Glacia

Age: 28
Occupation:  Territory Queen
Social Status: Clan Leader, Ruler
Face Claim: Katheryn Winnick
Personality Traits: Strong, Dominating, Outspoken, Dedicated

Astrid Engström
Opal to Red Jeweled Priestess Queen

Astrid became ruler of Glacia when she killed the last Territory Queen in one and one combat about two years ago.  She is known throughout Glacia for her combat prowess and tactical mind.  She is also known for her ruthless and strong faith in the Darkness.   She now rules Glacia with an iron fist.  This keeps the clans united behind her… well that and her marriage to her rival clans infamous Warlord Prince. 

Age: 29
Occupation: Consort
Social Status: Clan Leader
Face Claim: Clive Standen
Personality Traits: Traditional, Loyal, Cynical, Ruthless

Nikolas Lindström
Opal to Sapphire Jeweled Warlord Prince

Nikolas took over his clan after his grandmother, the former Territory Queen of Glacia, died at the hands his now wife.  He is a strong man but could not bring himself to kill the Queen he was so strongly drawn to.  This has cause some tension among the clans, as "Blood needs Blood" tends to be how these things play out.  The marriage of the the two strongest clans in Glacia has smooth over some, but inflamed others. 

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